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A Relentless Pursuit

Of Exceptional Talent

An Assiduous Approach - Appointing High Performers Globally 


Well connected. We provide our customers access to an international ecosystem comprised of industry, commerce, leading enterprise vendors and corporate professionals of innovative businesses.

We support the growth of our global customer base, leveraging expert knowledge with the strength of our appreciation for local conditions. Our practitioners have the cultural IQ and deep trusted connections to a broad global network. This gives our customers a big advantage to engage with diverse gender and multi-cultural groups. 


Speed, efficiency and agility. Integrating our operating models with advanced, intelligent digital technologies has augmented our workforce productivity, improving the effectiveness of our capabilities.

Our work combines high-level consultancy with high-value, project-based delivery, resulting in enhanced customer results and outstanding customer experience. Our business size not only means we are less cumbersome than other organisations but also have significantly lower off-limits restrictions giving us a wider reach to engage passive talent pools.


Experience, track record and innovation. Most search mandates are correlated to a number of key challenges. Talent Finders International's experience is a fundamental differentiator. It enables us to navigate the pitfalls that can significantly slow down search campaigns or worse, bring them to a grinding halt, resulting in valuable time and economic loss as well as causing unnecessary brand damage.

Our extensive experience gives us the confidence to find smarter ways to resolve difficulties, we know how to manage scenarios when complications arise.  We are well-positioned to anticipate obstacles, mitigate risk and remain firmly on track.



Economic adaptability. Less Ridged commercial models compared to some competitors, however, we don't compromise on quality, we obsess with finding the right talent resource(s) that can make a measurable impact and unlike other firms, our leaders remain intimately involved throughout the process of every search assignment whether you're a high-revenue customer or not. We avoid the one size fits all approach offering our clients a flexible economic model recognising relationships are developed over the long term. 


Clear, honest and transparent. Our search consultants focus on what they do best, engage the market, manage the full life cycle of the assignment and support the development of key individuals. We don't overburden our people with meaningless tasks which dilute attention to delivering the best customer outcomes. We'll build a very strong profile perspective, talking with internal stakeholders to determine the critical success factors. We'll then provide succinct and insightful reporting making sure key stakeholders are informed each step of the way and ensuring the right hiring decisions are taken at every level across the business.

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